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Canyon Vinyl Top Interlocking Floor Tiles

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  1. Vinyl Top Interlocking Floor Tiles
  2. Designed for Basements
  3. Made in the USA
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Canyon Vinyl Top Interlocking Floor

Providing beautiful, soft tones, the Canyon Vinyl  Top Interlocking Floor tile can enhance the sophistication of your residential basement. These tiles provide a comfortable surface for walking because below the vinyl top tile is a grid structure that creates a thermal barrier. The basement tiles may be installed over chipped or uneven concrete. It may also be installed over any flat surface, including carpet, vinyl or concrete. This four loop-to-peg interlocking system makes a DIY project simple. The basement interlocking tiles are very durable, they can withstand the weight of furniture or equipment that is placed on top of them. The Cream Pearl Canyon tiles can be installed over just about any flat surface, using nothing but your own bare hands to create the perfect, beautiful finished basement floor.

Basement Floor Tile Key Feature

  1. Made for Basement Flooring
  2. Easy to Assemble DIY Flooring
  3. Micro-beveled Edge-to-Edge Appearance
  4. Durable Vinyl Top and Polymer Base
  5. Grid Structure Helps Prevent Mold
  6. Thermal Barrier
  7. Variety of Other Uses
  8. Made in USA

Easy to Assemble DIY Flooring

What makes the Canyon Series interlocking basement floor tiles so convenient is their lightweight and small size. Each tile measures at 12 x 12 – inch (1 square foot), therefore, the total square footage of your basement will equal to the number of tiles you will be needing to cover that entire area. If your basement is oddly shaped or having to go around any stairways, stand still objects or walls you may use a jigsaw (with a fine tooth blade) to cut with. When having to cut we recommend to get extra tiles, about 6% additional tiles from the amount needed. This will be accounting for the waste used. These interlocking vinyl top basement tiles can be installed over slightly chipped concrete or an existing floor that has tile, carpet, or vinyl. The only preparation required before installation is to clear your base floor of any dirt and dust. The Canyon Series basement tiles can be easily locked together with a single downward push without any professional help. This also allows the ease of disassembling the vinyl top tiles for any reason necessary such as relocating, flooding, leaking, etc. Although tools are not necessary you may use a small plastic mallet and knee pads to further ease the installation process for a large basement.

Micro-beveled Edge-to-Edge Appearance

Each tile contains a straight edge quality. Giving an edge to edge appearance to the Canyon Series. Therefore, it creates a smooth and sophisticated basement floor. However, between each tile there is a small gap for the air underneath to escape.

Durable Vinyl Top and Polymer Base

Strong and resistant toward staining and fading, the Canyon Series interlocking vinyl top tiles are made to be just as durable as they are appealing. Designed with full UV protection, the vinyl surface maintains its warm, natural, classic appearance as it endures through the average traffic of a basement. However, the durability of this interlocking basement tile doesn’t solely lie within its vinyl surface, but also in its high-impact polypropylene base. Polymer is a firm, rigid plastic, strong enough to withstand significantly large weights such as, large pool tables, entertainment centers, and all sorts of other heavy weights you find in a basement. It is important to maintain the surface of the tile by cleaning it with a Swiffer or mild soap with water.

Grid Structure

The top surface is made up of a durable vinyl composite material which is nonporous. In addition to the nonporous surface, it contains an antimicrobial plastic base called polypropylene. This polypropylene base has a grid structure underneath which allows air to circulate and water to evaporate. So that moisture and humidity are not trapped under the basement tile.

Variety of Other Uses

Whether they’re being used as trade show flooring, commercial displays, temporary office flooring, etc., these tiles can be use in a variety of settings thanks to its neutral, lightweight and portable qualities.

Your next basement-flooring project can be completed quickly and effortlessly. Buy them today! Just add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. Feel free to browse BlockTile Basement Flooring – section to view our other interlocking tiles suitable for a basement flooring option. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 713-595-2040.

Additional information


Cream Pearl Canyon, Gray Canyon

Piece Size

12 x 12 x 1/2 – inch


1 sq. ft. per tile, 26 sq. ft.


VCT over Polymer

Surface Pattern

Canyon Slate

Special Features

High Load Capacity, Indoor

Package Qty

Single Piece, 26-Pack

Floor Uses

Basement Flooring, Commercial Display, Trade Show Flooring

Installation Type

Loop-to-Peg Interlocking System

2 reviews for Canyon Vinyl Top Interlocking Floor Tiles

  1. Great Product for basement Review by Janet W.

    Sending a picture of my new craft area. As you can see, the tiles look great. Other areas that we did was the laundry room and a large storage area. We are so please with the outcome. Thanks again. Your company was wonderful to deal with and I certainly would highly recommend you.


  2. Very satisfied with the look ! Review by Stickman

    Just finished our basement room and closet with the “Cream Pearl Canyon” ModuTile. Our basement stays dry but we had issues with the carpet pad not breathing enough and caused the carpet to mildew. ModuTile was a great solution and was very easy to install by ourselves over the weekend. I cut all of the tiles using a foot shear in my shop, except for a few jamb cuts where I used a jigsaw. Our basement no longer smells like a basement again. :) I would highly recommend this product to any of my friends or customers.

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