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MULTI-PURPOSE: Interlocking Tiles

Multi-Purpose - Water Flow Tiles

Three Major Benefits when used in Basement Installations

Water Resistant

Water Resistant Basement Tiles

Designed to prevent mold growth, BlockTile’s basement flooring solutions are 100% waterproof, made out of inorganic materials that are unaffected by water or water vapor. The base of the tiles is made out of high-impact polypropylene and the top surface is high grade vinyl.

Mold Prevention

Water Resistant Basement Tiles

Our all-in-one solution basement tiles are designed to “breathe.” The grid construction under the tiles allows air circulation and vapors to escape into the interior of the room. This prevents mold growth over time. In addition, the inorganic material used to make these tiles makes it difficult for mold to grow on them.

Thermal Barrier

Thermal Barrier Effect - Basement Flooring

Constructed with a grid under the tile for air flow, the basement tile acts as a thermal barrier between the concrete and the walking surface. The typical basement walking surface will be about 8 to 10 degrees warmer than the concrete slab underneath making the room more energy efficient and comfortable.